Monday, April 02, 2007

lam u better stop cracking lame jokes before i slap ur ****.

and i do blog! its just the frequency!

ok sorry my frenz, sklam is a lame single cell from my camp.

lets just ignore him and say 'boo' whenever he appears out of nowhere.


for something more pleasant, my dad drove us to marine parade to hav makan dinner at this restaurant called 'The Oasis'. maybe u hav heard it, maybe u haven. its just right beside the famous ' No Signboard Seafood'.

my mom told me we used to dine at TheOasis frequently for supper, den afterwhich head over to this cafe opposite selling superb ice-creams. she asked whether we could recall having dessert there when we were like, say 10? i told my mom i only recall eating BananaBoat at the cafe but couldnt recall dining in at 'TheOasis'.

so yest when we reached there, my parents were kinda disappointed becoz apparenlty, the cafe has ceither closed down, or moved to somewhere discreet. so my parents were queuing up ( mind you, its a long long queue in front of the valet outside the restaurant) while i took my sis phone and start camwhoring ( u might ask why my sis's phone and not mine. simple, her cam pixel better than mine ). and while taking the photos, my sis kept asking me dun be so suaku, coz like only foreigners like to take photos to keep as memo ( or evidence dat they visited this particulat eatery).

the place looked damn classy la. its like those typical ShangHai riverside eateries. - a 'pavilion' cum 'cruise' cum 'oriental' restaurant.

this is the 'No Signboard Seafood' restaurant. damn palace-liked right? its like the mirrorimage of the restuarant in the firstphoto. they r facing eachother.

the ambience over there was damn nice. looks like a perfect place for couples hangout ( hint seok hint fee).

the main entrance 'hai shang huang gong'. wheres my 'tian1 bing1 tian1 jiang4'?!?!

they shd station some prawn and crab mascots at the entrance. not forgetting the 'Dong Hai Long Wang'!

after the main entrance, there's 3 sub entrances leading to 3 diff famous restaurants.

the next time i wanna try the 'No Signboard Seafood' restaurant. i heard that their WhitePepperCrab is superb.

and of coz we went to one of the royal palaces.

they hav freeflow of SweetPotatoPorridge. we ordered quite a number of dishes. from veges to pork to fish to rawcockles... and lots more! damn nice. unlike the rest of my family, i didnt hav any rice. but had 6 bowls of swtpotatoporridge. damn nice!

we gobbled down all the food!

* oh shit i feel like shitting now. how?! nvm. i faster end this entry den go shit liao.*

after the sumptuous meal. we walked ard for some sightviewing cum digesting. btw, the sea smells. i didnt actually notice until my sis asked me to take a deep breath. of which the slight pungent smell almost triggered my regurgitation reflexes.

ok some random photos during the walk.

afterwhich we went to geylang to hav some hot fun!

wait, no not hot fun. its 'hor fun'! ( "chey" exclaimed lam.)

ok im damn lame. bought some fruits over there. damn cheap. saw some sexshops ( seok go open one). Triple-S ( SeokSexShop). or S-cube. or 3S. see so many ideas!

gotta go shit now. hav fun!

and i really hav a good bunch of angelic frenz! yesh YOU! and you and you! ALL!


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