Tuesday, February 20, 2007

i still cannot believe it!!!

if u have been following my recent posts. u would hav known that i got this extremely-ohmygawd-very-superduper-amazingly RICHRICHRICH aunt.

backgrd info :she gave my mom $400 to pack angpaos.

not forgetting 100bucks to my sis and i each to buy our newyear clothes.

which we didnt spend at all. since we already got our newyearclothes long beforehand.

and i went over to her house to bainian yest.

she gave my sis and i angpaos STILL. at first i tot she wont give anymore. since she already gave us 100 for buying newyearclothes le.

upon receiving the angpaos, we could feel a stack of notes in the angpao. and my sis and i guessed its 2 $10 notes. or maybe 3.

den on the way back home. i opened it, under my dad and mom's curiousity.

i saw a blue note. and began to shout " OMG. its 2 $50 notes!"

my parents got shocked. my dad suddenly steered sharply.

" OMG NO WAIT. its not 2 $50 notes. ITS 4!!!!"

my mom almost fainted.

so my sis and i each got 200bucks for angpao money from her this year. unbelievable.

plus the newyearclothes money we got. we got 300bucks each from her.

so its 400 ( my mom's) + 300 ( mine) + 300 ( my sis's ) = 1k!!

i love additions.

and not forgetting she gave my mom kilos of birdnests. saying dat its from her colleague and she alone cant take so much of it before it expires. so might as well give my mom.

so the magic figure for this year harvest is...

460bucks ( excluding my parent's ya shui angpao)! of which my aunt's made up 2/3 the ratio.

kwakwakwa! i need to visit her more often.

i think my parents gave 50bucks each. very standard of them. so its 560 i guess.

oh my. 560 is the recordbreaking for the past 5 years.

i love my aunt. its a happy happy Pig year for meeeeee!!!

and i need to buy 4D as well. i dreamt of some numbers on chu yi morning. but i couldnt buy in the numbers. maybe i will try later.

im so overjoyed by all the figures that i feel like going for plasticsurgery right away!



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