Monday, February 08, 2010

CNY is finally coming. I NEED my angpows. NEED, not WANT. Anyway I realised that school stuff haven't been really smooth sailing since the start of this semester, from out-of-stock textbooks to wtf-are-you-talking-about core modules. Hopefully things will get better after CNY, I shall gauge my luck for this year by gambling. Who's on?

Btw, I will be off to Msia on the 16th till 17th. My dad planned a super short trip to Malacca since he has some unknown affiliated membership with a resort over there, so its like bu qu bai bu qu.

I went to buy cny clothes alone at Vivo last week. Was quite boring but yet interesting. You don't get to shop alone often. But everything was swiftly settled. Tip of the day: Mall directory- get all the shops that you're going to patronise. It made things a lot easier for me since I didn't have to waste time walking around aimlessly. I think that's the difference between guys and girls. And i got my shirt for a whooping 69.90. I got no idea why the inflation, but 69.90 for a shirt is damn ridiculous. Yes i know, if i find it expensive then i shdnt have bought it in the first place, yadayada. But trust me it was all the same for the rest of the shops i went, ok minus bossini and giordano.

Aiya I don't want to type liao la. Need to leave for school already. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just had my first on-air interview on YES 933. It was to promote our Impresario semi-finals. I almost died after the 10mins recording. Damn traumatizing. Most of the questions were spontaneous and it caught me offguard. Just glad that it's over. I even broke out a sweat while getting interviewed by the DJ, who later called me 'ke ai'. Dunno to be happy or what.

But I can't understand why she was so high and excited about our event when i was speaking like a news anchor. Yes the comparison. She was like "Wow!"and i was like "Shi de. Shi de. Mei cuo". Like some chinaman. Great. But it was quite fun actually, but definitely weird to hear yourself on air.

Other than my friends, my parents heard it also. My dad heard it while driving back home and my mom while working. My dad later asked me why is it that the DJ didn't say my full name Lai Siyan out and instead called me Siyan. If not he can haolian to our relatives about it. Something along the line of glory. I didn't know how to answer him but i guess a smile always works.

Liang wen ying's concert and blood donation tomorrow. Guess I'll be rather busy tomorrow night, but always not busy with the right stuff. Hahaha.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got a shock when my blog page loaded. The template was like Haiti in the making- major screwed up. so I decided to just play safe (and mature) and use the Blogger template instead of the previous one. So now you're looking at perhaps the most boring template, but clean nonetheless.

School has started and so has my boredom. Things haven't been going too smoothly for me in almost all aspects. Right now, I'm just hoping that it'll get better eventually. I actually typed out a paragraph on my recent meetups with diff groups of friends but i 'backspaced' it because I find it bo liao to update anyone on such mundane issues.

I have tonnes of readings to do but I wanna go out and play. Ahh life. You can never get the best of both worlds. Anyway, can someone tell me what nehnehpok means? i know nehneh but not nehnehpok. Manda told me its a nehneh person since mean-pok= mean person. Javier told me 'pok' makes u think of something bumpy, like a hump, thus nehnehpok. I actually think nehnehpok are nipples. Then nehneh, the boobs. Maybe i should do a thesis on it.

Anyway I'm taking Spanish now. I feel so exotic. Can do some tribal dance now.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay. I'm off to M'sia ( it's truly asia) from tmr till next thursday. Which means you won't be seeing me online or whatsoever unless my uncle's house has some wireless network or what. Ok i dunno anything abt tech stuff so I guess its necessary to have a network for online connection no?

And because I got so many readings and assignments to rush, I got no bloody choice but to bring a few along with me and hopefully complete it during the 7hours journey. And I think bringing notes for Chinese new year celebration is super anti-climax and to me, inauspicious as well. But I got no choice man. Argh. Better do it sneakily and not let my relatives find out I'm actually sucha nerd. Like light up the oil lamp late at night and study like how the famous poets did. Ahh... the serenity.

In any case, I will be back om Thursday. So if theres any impt stuff ( like whos getting married or what), you can still call or sms me cos of auto-roaming services. But nat, dun call me just to tell me that u gained weight k. thanks alot.

Ok thats all! Enjoy your Chinese New Year!! We love ang pows and bah kwas!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Somehow or rather, I got a strong feeling that my blog has already been banished by my fellow friends, leaving it only for my own apreciation. Hahaha shall post porn here next time.

Anyway, Sem 2 didnt start as what I expected it to be. It's only into the first month of Sem 2 and I'm already drained and sian-to-max. So I can roughly imagine myself growing wrinkles and white hairs in the 2nd month of the semester. New year new look.

Actually I got no idea why I'm blogging now when I got nothing to update at all. This is unless you guys wanna know how I spend my daily school life, queue up for makan in the ultra canned sardine canteens, trying to pay attention in lects while fightin back the zzz-monster, force myself to speak up and participate actively during tutorials, wait for bus, wait for mrt, wait for lrt etcetc

I just realised my life is like a dvd on auto-play. It simply replays itself after each day. Isn't it exciting siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....................

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I went to search for simple blogskins and chanced upon this damn stylish skin, but the only flaw it has is that the slogan reads 'You Wouldn't Survive My Alter Ego', which like what manda commented " too arrogant already". And because I couldn't find anything else from the first page to the last page of skin views, I think I got no choice but to resort to using the plain old skin. Shall give myself another chance. Anyway, Sue you k manda!

Oh, next is the exchange program, my coursemates wanna go to National Taiwan Uni for the semester exchange and Han Ming asks if I wanna go Shanghai Uni with him for the exchange. Argh. And my mom is hoping that I can place Peking Uni as my first choice. So right now, I got no idea where to go. Luckily for chinese majors, we get places reserved just for us, so it makes competiton easier since we don't have to compete with the whole NTU unless the reserved slots got taken up by people with better grades than me. I was thinking of surprising my mom by applying for a malaysian/vietnam/indonesia/thailand uni. Im sure she will be pleasantly surprised by my little prank. Hahaha!

And the readings are already uploaded on blackboard, which means I have to start reading those boring and sleep-inducing notes. Yay cheenabanana!

I'm going to change my blogskin soon because it causes a major messed up template whenever i viewed it using firefox. Shall take some time to choose a simple and plain looking one.

Other than that, nothing much happened. Oh yah, a quick update on my modules ( although i got a strong feeling no one will understand the system except for manda), I'm taking Astronomy because I cannot get Bs803 during Add/drop, okay I know that the add/drop thingy is still ongoing, but my Astronomy module clashes with the Bs803 exam, so even if there are slots available, I wouldn't be able to grab it because the asshole system will just disallow it. So what's the point right. Aye, live with it. I shall place at least 5 modules on my waiting list for next sem's registration.

Next, My 4days week has reverted back to a 5days week because one of the core lecture was not registered by the Chinese dept, so after much clarification, they announced that the added lecture will be held every monday at 1030, thus screwing up my timetable big time. I love you so much Chinese fac. Why can't I escape this freaking curse! I want my 4days week back! Enough of 5days already!

And because Ive already bought 4tickets ( amounting up to 100plus bucks) for one of my module ( Chinese theatre and performance), I will be hanging out at Esplanade quite often next month. I still canont believe why I was so dumb as to take up this module which is so cost-inefficient. 100plus bucks gone, more tuition assgns needed!

My bio clock is screwed up already. Like I tend to wake up late ( during no-alarm day) and sleep uber late (like around 3plus am). This is really weird, I've never experienced such screwed up bio clock before, and the whole thing worsened after the new year countdown which I only slept at 6plus after everyone left. I tried adjusting my sleeping hour but it's not working at all, like I will lie on my bed at 12am but eventually I would just end up turning and tossing until ard 2plus.

So now, my life is in a entire mess. Yay!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I seriously hate doing course registration, especially when I can't get any mods I want. Okay although I'm not as hardcore as the add/drop campers whom i guess, pressed f5 frantically so that the magical figure '1' will appear beside 'Places Available', but i did put in some effort. like trying to pray that something miraculous will happen during the 10mins which i allocated it for clickingclickingclicking.

the Add/drop period for today is going to close in another half an hour. So instead of wasting my time competing with the hardcore campers, I decided to blog about how screwed up my timetable is, and how I need to take up 4 major mods for this semester if all fails, so 3 cheers to our ntu registration system. Although its really maddening, but thanks ntu!

And i'm feeling very distracted because of the add/drop. I even dreamt about it. like how i got my module and woke up in elation, and followed by depression when i realised its purely a dream. Not only so, i cant go out to play or whatsoever because i cannot settle my mods, i cannot watch my kang xi lai le in peace because i'm afraid someone will drop the mods during the period, i cannot bathe and shit in peace also because of the same reason, i cannot find time to read the lect materials for general history of China too. So all in all, i cant do anything productive during this gruelling period, maybe except listening to songs and training my vocals while disturbing my neighbours with all the croaking.

Okay thats all for now, theres a lecture tmr in the afternoon, so i guess i have to wake up earlier and start f5ing, hopefully i can get the mod before i make my way to school. So at least i wont be so sian. hahaha. i think even my fart will smell nice if i can my module. Serious. Let you smell too.