Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm going to change my blogskin soon because it causes a major messed up template whenever i viewed it using firefox. Shall take some time to choose a simple and plain looking one.

Other than that, nothing much happened. Oh yah, a quick update on my modules ( although i got a strong feeling no one will understand the system except for manda), I'm taking Astronomy because I cannot get Bs803 during Add/drop, okay I know that the add/drop thingy is still ongoing, but my Astronomy module clashes with the Bs803 exam, so even if there are slots available, I wouldn't be able to grab it because the asshole system will just disallow it. So what's the point right. Aye, live with it. I shall place at least 5 modules on my waiting list for next sem's registration.

Next, My 4days week has reverted back to a 5days week because one of the core lecture was not registered by the Chinese dept, so after much clarification, they announced that the added lecture will be held every monday at 1030, thus screwing up my timetable big time. I love you so much Chinese fac. Why can't I escape this freaking curse! I want my 4days week back! Enough of 5days already!

And because Ive already bought 4tickets ( amounting up to 100plus bucks) for one of my module ( Chinese theatre and performance), I will be hanging out at Esplanade quite often next month. I still canont believe why I was so dumb as to take up this module which is so cost-inefficient. 100plus bucks gone, more tuition assgns needed!

My bio clock is screwed up already. Like I tend to wake up late ( during no-alarm day) and sleep uber late (like around 3plus am). This is really weird, I've never experienced such screwed up bio clock before, and the whole thing worsened after the new year countdown which I only slept at 6plus after everyone left. I tried adjusting my sleeping hour but it's not working at all, like I will lie on my bed at 12am but eventually I would just end up turning and tossing until ard 2plus.

So now, my life is in a entire mess. Yay!


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