Monday, February 08, 2010

CNY is finally coming. I NEED my angpows. NEED, not WANT. Anyway I realised that school stuff haven't been really smooth sailing since the start of this semester, from out-of-stock textbooks to wtf-are-you-talking-about core modules. Hopefully things will get better after CNY, I shall gauge my luck for this year by gambling. Who's on?

Btw, I will be off to Msia on the 16th till 17th. My dad planned a super short trip to Malacca since he has some unknown affiliated membership with a resort over there, so its like bu qu bai bu qu.

I went to buy cny clothes alone at Vivo last week. Was quite boring but yet interesting. You don't get to shop alone often. But everything was swiftly settled. Tip of the day: Mall directory- get all the shops that you're going to patronise. It made things a lot easier for me since I didn't have to waste time walking around aimlessly. I think that's the difference between guys and girls. And i got my shirt for a whooping 69.90. I got no idea why the inflation, but 69.90 for a shirt is damn ridiculous. Yes i know, if i find it expensive then i shdnt have bought it in the first place, yadayada. But trust me it was all the same for the rest of the shops i went, ok minus bossini and giordano.

Aiya I don't want to type liao la. Need to leave for school already. Merry Christmas!


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