Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just had my first on-air interview on YES 933. It was to promote our Impresario semi-finals. I almost died after the 10mins recording. Damn traumatizing. Most of the questions were spontaneous and it caught me offguard. Just glad that it's over. I even broke out a sweat while getting interviewed by the DJ, who later called me 'ke ai'. Dunno to be happy or what.

But I can't understand why she was so high and excited about our event when i was speaking like a news anchor. Yes the comparison. She was like "Wow!"and i was like "Shi de. Shi de. Mei cuo". Like some chinaman. Great. But it was quite fun actually, but definitely weird to hear yourself on air.

Other than my friends, my parents heard it also. My dad heard it while driving back home and my mom while working. My dad later asked me why is it that the DJ didn't say my full name Lai Siyan out and instead called me Siyan. If not he can haolian to our relatives about it. Something along the line of glory. I didn't know how to answer him but i guess a smile always works.

Liang wen ying's concert and blood donation tomorrow. Guess I'll be rather busy tomorrow night, but always not busy with the right stuff. Hahaha.


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