Tuesday, December 12, 2006

oh shit. i suddenly lost my train of thoughts while waiting for this page to load!

screw it.

anw i went back to my camp medical centre for medical review few days back.

and i was happily anticipating dat few minutes when i can start criticising about the poor performance from both the MO and the centre's facilites.

but horrors. when i knocked and entered in the room.

he SMILED. a megawatt smile i muz say.

" oh hi siyan. r u feeling any better?"

totally dumbstruck. it took me quite awhile to comtemplate whether he was being possessed by some evilspiritS.

i swear his wife gave him goodsex the night before.

and im sorry to say ive failed u all terribly. i smiled back too!

and yahoo! the surgeon's letter actually stated that im ENTITLED to 1month of lightduties status.

so the MO was like " wah ur surgeon very good hor, give u sucha long period ot time to rest"

den i went to explain how CHRONIC my situation was. all the bullshit crap dat the stitches melted even before my wound has been sealed up, thus the opening gap at both ends. which has already being verified by my operating surgeon. kinda exaggerate a lil though.

so he was nodding attentively. i still couldnt believe my own eyes.

den when he asks me to lift up my shirt for wound inspection,

i muz say i did it rather willingly. of coz not dat he's gg to violently slash my shirt la.

so he was inspecting while showing sign of agreement aka nodding head aka " i see i see".

den came the interesting part

"r u happy with the results?"

" wat results?"

" the end results of the stitches. actually they did quite a good job if not for the openingap."

" oh okok"

" haha. u didnt go confront ur surgeon how come her stitching so lousy? * proceed bangin his own desk* den ask for a refund or something. hahaha"

" hahaha. ( = u r very lame. stop it please.)

" do u know u will get outofcourse becoz of this. since ure still on m.c and will be given 1month lightduties. thus unable to join the rest for normal trainins * worried look*"

and i played along with him

" yah. but no choice. its not really up to me to decide when is my wound gg to heal. coz apparently its not recovering as it shd hav been now. "

" icic. so do u wan to get outofcourse?"

" * pause, thinking* hmm im still not sure myself. but even if i didnt get outofcourse, i can forsee a big problem for myself to join back the class and catch up with 1month of intense trainin i missed. and moreover, its not up to me to choose whether i stay or go. coz usually ppl r forced to get outofcourse juz becoz of 2wks of lightduties"

" i see. okay. take care den. byebye * flash smile*"

den i realised its not dat her wife gave him goodsex the night before. coz while waiting for my status m.c. , the secret of all secrets revealed.


no wonder! how typical!!

no wonder i smelt conspiracy when not only the m.o, but the medics were so friendly all of the sudden. next time i muz rmb to go for med reviews only when theres a grading survey going on.

so the truth , the m.o still didnt get his good sex. no goodsex plus still hav to force himself to wear a smile. it muz be so tiring for him. orbi good!


OH i rmbed wat i wanted to say. ive decided to tidy up my room nicely and start stocking up hardliquor and stuff so i can invite my frenz over for partieeeeessss and sleepoversss( not the gals of coz)!!. yayyy!

trip to ikea real soon!



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