Sunday, December 03, 2006

ok it has been 5days since my virgin operation. and im so sorry to say, the FCUKING WOUND STILL HURTS!!!


i had quite a hard time tryin my best not to luff OUT LOUD in manda's house. coz u see, its a simple logic. they lol = u oso lol = ur wound lol = u moan.

i will be headin back to camp for wound inspection tomolo. which i forsee a longer resting period since the wound is still bleeding and there is absolutely no way the med officer is gg to juz endorse the m.c. and call it a day.

MO: " ok LCP Lai u can go home now, u will be fit for all duties "

me: " *slap MO with a large trout* r u out of ur mind?!?! my wound is still bleeding! i cant even carry heavy loads and stretch my arms"

MO: " u juz hav to deal with it. dats part and parcel of being a soldier. stop wasting my time. at most i will give u painkillers. i need to try sneaking out before 4. since my assistant medics r oways doing the same thing. who cares abt 8-5job?! i say 8-3! i love moonlighting!"

me: " *snap finger diva style* ok fine. all i wan is a 2weeks attB status. as simple as dat"

MO: " ure sucha a bother. give u a month la. no sweat. i juz gave the previous guy 1yr attB for coughing onto my face. dat will shut him up *noting it down in the status sheet while packing his briefcase at sonicspeed*"

me: " hallelujah! amitabha!"

( nah. juz joking. all camp MOs r the bestest captains nationwide. they r so angelic i can see halo on top of their head at times. so please kindly take note of this mr.military police. )

anw major digression. an hour ago i was thinkin abt the best combi of parents children can get. by saying best combi, i mean their profession.

and ive thought of a few combis

  1. Dad's a GP ( it seriously saves lotsa money with a dad solving all your medical needs). Mom's a hairdresser ( another mega-saving must-buy. somemore can discuss with her abt the latest coolest hairstyle w/o havin her frownin at u like some mofos)
  2. Dad's a English Lang. teacher. Mom's a Chinese Lang. Teacher ( a bilingual lucky fella who doesnt hav to worry abt his/her hwks anymore!)
  3. Dad's a top western restaurant Chef. Mom's a crystaljade chef. ( oh my gawddd. imagine the cusine ur going to savour everyday! there might even be chances for a FUSION! No more kfc mac longjohn pizzahut delivery, we shall hav topgrade birdnest and delicious tiramisus for dessert after everymeal!)
  4. Dad's a commercial pilot. Mom's a dermatologist ( ahhh. dabestfacials on free holiday trips all over Europe. my face also go Poing Poing!)
  5. Dad's AndyLau. Mom's Britney Spears ( no questions asked. it speaks for itself.)

ok. apparently the painkillers i took hav driven me nuts. nevermind. cumon! tag ur favorite combi!

or better. provide me with ur own personal combi!



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