Saturday, October 21, 2006

went out with fee and her fren, jason for some retail therapy yesterday. it was partly for my upcoming clubbin event needs, and partly for my new year outfit desire.

it was a last minute thing u see. since i was informed at 12 that i will be bookin out at 2 due to the deepavali off. so i asked fee out for towning.

following dat, we went to cheapo places like Topman and Tangs for a quick walk around.

and ta-da. saw this nice shirt from Tangs Caserini Studio.

ok. dun mind the 1.3 pixel resolution.

so i called my mom up and asked abt the new year budget i will be having. after much discussion, 200 bucks entered my wallet. *dring-dring.

since im going to have 200bucks for my new year outfit expenses, wat abt some nice accessories to go along with this top. and so we walked all the way back to Topman and bought this.

A white leather casual tie!

i have to admit how thief-liked i was. since i need to try out the tie on my shirt to see whether it fits or not. i went into the Topman changing room with my newly bought shirt and a ugly-lookin plain black shirt. and upon entering the changing room, i immediately took out my caserini shirt and don on. and swiftly wear the tie over my neck to prevent any suspicions from the helper on the long time taken juz to try one shirt. and since i couldnt come out of the changing room and show it to fee ( my stupidity didnt reach such level yet) to avoid the helper from pondering since when did their retail shop had such nice tops. i merely took a photo of it.


me coming out from the changing room with my caserini top and topman tie.

helper : *squint and scrutinise*

helper: sorry Sir, may i know where u get ur top from?

me: ahhh... u mean u dunno? ( point to a certain direction). I got my top from topshop! its a limited edition. Go ask ur manager. u mean u dun even know this shirt exists in ur shop?! my oh my, maybe i shall lodge a complaint to ur manager regarding ur incompetency.

helper : oh really im so sorry for the misunderstanding, for this, i will pay for the dashin lookin tie instead.

me: oh. how nice. * sashay back to changin room*

ok now some accounting session.

Caserini studio shirt 89.00

After 20% discount 71.20

Leather Tie 33.00

71.20 + 33.00 = $104.20

and since im going to have 200 bucks for my new year expenditure.

wat abt a nice watch to go along with it?!

200 - 104.20 = $95.80

woo lala!

my my im an unfillial son.

the tie got stucked becasue of the price tag. thus the loose end.


ok ahbengs and ahlians. or lets juz generalise them shall we?

dumb asses.

ok. ive personally encountered several dumbasses before. and believe it or not, almost everytime i will get pissed off over their actions. be it shouting and cursing loudly public transports. be it screaming and laughing like nobodys business. be it their extreme proficiency in both english chinese, or even hokkien.

be it being dumb. dat is.

oh wat abt a recent encounter. not me, fee.

we were in the bus yest on our way back home. and fee was sleeping soundly beside me while i was listening to my music.

i know she was sleeping soundly because even after several stops and noises produced by the ezlink *di-di or di* . mind you, we were sitting behind it only. she was still asleep.


a chao ahbeng boarded and bus and sat behind her. immediately i can feel his legs pressing and knockin against out seats. dats not the worst...

his handphone rang of extreme loud and irritatin techno. and when he pickd up, i was certain a dumbass is sitting behind me.

" HALLO? ( like blasting thru the microphone)"

" KANINA! ( imagine some idiot stepping on ur well-pedicured toes.)"

den he put down his phone. maybe a prank call or somethin. or maybe his fellow dumbasses wanted to ask him out to a remote kopitiam for some beer and retarded chitchats. i dont know. stupid ppl like to meet up for stupid reasons.

so fee woke up. and immediately her facial expression depicts irritation. like someone is yanking her hair or somethin.

den when i alighted the bus. i was thinkin wat if the victim isnt fee and is seok instead. can u even imagine that?

" i challenge u to a shaolin showdown!!"


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