Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ah mei - wo yao kuai le

She expects more. and i cant meet her expectation. As simple as dat.

so blame the bfs, isnt it supposed to be the stereotypical tys ans to all relationship problems.

or shd i blame ns for giving me such fuckin short freetime.

wat abt we do some role-playin if u decide to challenge the ns bfgfs norm?

4 cliques of frenz, a demanding family, a 92yrs old granny on the edge, a screwed up ns life.

4 sats a mth. plus sunday as my family and granny visiting day.

Y not i pass u the baton and u teach me how to handle with it?

so why? i shd be more tactful in my plannings? meet jc frenz once 3 weeks and scoutbuddies once 2 weeks? den wat abt the rest? once every 4weeks? den wat? forget abt the clash eventually? spare it.

My cousin even called and cried abt her relationship with my aunt an hour after me myself juz went thru the torturing ordeal. i have no choice but to console her when i dun even hav time to console myself for somethin much worst.

Ironic huh, im runnin my own life and yet i dun even hav time for myself.

To be alone. Just quiet and alone.

Frankly speaking. i dread when it comes to weekends. weird ar? coz im oways confused over wat excuses to give to reject the other parties juz to accomodate one . sometimes i even wish ns will cover the whole of the 7days/wk. really.

But wu actually knows? and it doesnt matter anymore. Everything has already ended before i can even do anything.

Funny when fate decided to play with u yea?

I can easily pass the baton on. Its fucking easy. But i juz happened to trip. Unknowingly and Unwillingly. And the wound really hurts. But it hurts more when i know i still hav to pick up the fucking dented baton and carry on with the ratrace. With nth but bleeding wounds all over me.
I really need a break. Im not superman. Maybe the trip is necessary. Really. At least i realised how screwed up my life is.

juz dun bother abt me.

damn u cupid.


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