Sunday, August 06, 2006

in conjuction with national day, we shall say our pledge too, in a more solemn and effective way.

We, the citizens of Singapore
pledge ourselves to exterminate any flyin bugs
regardless of cockroaches, beetles or mosquitoes
to build a bug-free society
base on insecticides and newspaper
so as to achieve
hapiness, prosperity
and one united nation

ok done.

anw i had a tough fight with a unknown flying cockroach which happened to fly in thru my window.

unbelievable. 13 floors!

its damn big plus it can fly. extra bonus for the irksome creature.

it was 1am at night. so i had to settle it by myself. den i juz grab a newpaper beside me and chase after it all ard my room. and this stupid creature juz wont die no matter how many times i hit it. it will just fly off to another spot after i hit it, since i always cannot deliver a fatal hit.

so in the end i got so fedup since everytime it flies, i have to strain and squint to look for it all over again (it always camoflaged with my curtains), i just use a plastic box and cover the stupid cockroach with it. and went back to my sleep.

see, so much for a good night rest. hell to all cockroaches which disturb my beauty sleep. muahaha.

anw i saw this article which talks abt personality.

first, think of someone wu has a high sex appeal

be it angelina jolie, pamela anderson or Miss Japan '06

be it brad pitt, ricky martin or wang leehom

now i want u to concentrate hard on one of them ( their physique, face, blah blah)

ok. second, think of him/her slowly taking off his/her clothes...



so now, wat does ur idol look like now?

topless? strip to lingerie? strip to underwear? or completely nude?

wats the definition of 'clothes' to u when it comes to stripping?

it tells how horny u r ( yesh, for gerls too)

i know seok must be thinking of strip to completely nude. muahaha.

boring ns life. ciao~


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