Thursday, March 16, 2006

juz came back from a scout's camp. damn tired and shagged
and since most of my readers r not scouts. i shan't go into details about how screwed and stressed up a scout can get. especially when u r borned in the rabbit year.

was talking to my parents regarding my uni choices. lucky for me, there r quite supportive of the courses ive chosen. so i think i would juz stick to it and see how it goes.

and if u hav forgotten abt it. ive ard 20 days till D-day. so yea.

i yearn for a short break. but given all the things dat i have to worried abt. it seems dat i will never get it. spare me pls.

and yah, after sucha long time, i think the locks muz be kinda rusty now. and no one is providing the lubricant i guess.


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