Thursday, March 02, 2006

ok. im gg to start whining now. i studied and mugged like nobody's business. and this? this?!

my mom was happy when i told her abt my results. wat to do, shes oredi happy dat i actually improved from a 197PSLE score to such grades now.

but still... i know myself best

ive been asking everyone whether i shd be happy or sad coz my grades r far too average.

like my msn nick suggests : not high not low. not good not bad. middle of nowhere. shd i be happy or sad?

some told me dat with this grades, i sure can get into the local uni.

but still... i know myself best

i dunno y. but i get so worried when i dunno which route i shd choose.

u see. if i got bad grades, i would most probably be happy. coz at least i know i shd start finding for a decent private uni or watever poly courses.

and if i got good grades, i would most probably be happy too. wu wont.

but u see. im like so stuck in the middle. wat if my grades r not enuff for a local uni? wat if i cannot get into a local uni? wat if wat if...

my sis told me to rest assured dat i can get into a local uni course. but u see, shes not the principal of nus ntu or smu. so yea.

and having such funni grades, my options r of cuz limited. very limited. the admission office ppl will juz glance and delete my application after seeing dat 'no-big-deal' grades.

but im kinda glad dat i passed my gp though. my close frenz shd know dat i oways suck in gp. its like forever failing, even for my prelims.

but still... so wat if i passed my gp. my subjs grades r still atrocious.

pls tell me wat to do...

my sister happy. my dad happy. my mom happy. im not happy.


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