Thursday, April 06, 2006

since im gg NS and suffer like hell tmr. i shall be nice and blog for the last ( literally) time.

when i was young, during primary or secsch years, i would always find it irritatin when ns personnel come to my sch and start blabbering about ns life. it was oways the same old boring shit. and i couldnt reli care much and think

" im still so young, what the hell r u telling me all these now? i still got many years ahead of me"


and now, its for real.

im left with a few hrs before im wearing my army uni. of coz im oredi botak now, so nth to worry abt oso.

i will miss yall lots. esp my clique.

seok for her ever-sarcastic remarks
fee for her perfectionist-ic behaviour
nat for her ever-bubbly character
and of coz lynn, for her nonsensical antics and matured thinking.

i remembered once someone told me dat no one will like me in jc.

and when i asked him why. he told me its becoz jc ppl dun like 'commoners' like me. too 'chinese' means too anti-jc

i actually naively believed him. and worried on dat night before my first day. whether i would be left out by others. given my damn poor english proficiency at that point of time.

i can still recall on my first day. i was so introvert. i stammered. i dare not look at others. i kept my eyes staring on the cold cement floor.

i was like dumb blur asshole.

( nat is hurrying me to faster finish this entry)

but now. i emerged as a winner. a winner to myself. and i reli hope i can bump into dat secsch 'someone' of mine one day and show him dat he looks more like a loser now.

and of coz. pour the ice laosai over him. haha.

k la. im got to rest early le.

hav fun k! cya soon!

( i supposed i dun hav to express any love concerns to shanyi thru sucha virtual thing. i enjoy my privacy. but still. love ya shanyi!)


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