Saturday, May 20, 2006

i didnt know wat reli happened. but a series of wonderful events juz happened over this week

1) i got an offer letter from ntu ( BA ( Honours) in Chinese )
2) i still havent received any rejection leter from nus
3) i passed my airforce pilot interview and on my way to sign the 10 yrs bond deed.( for which i will start getting a pay of 1.9k from this november onwards. and subsequently 6k and more after 2 yrs of training. not to forget my 4 yrs of uni course will be completely f.o.c and i will still receive my pay while studying)
4) i ran 9mins 56 secs for my 2.4km IPPT.

how wonderful life is. i better not get too contented yet. bad things oways happen in the end.

omg. im sucha sadist.


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