Monday, July 03, 2006

ok fine. i shall blog for nat's sake who threatened to chopped me into pieces with a parang if i still dont blog.

evil evil evil.

u see. its not dat i don wanna blog. theres nth much for me to blog at all. its ns ns and ns.

i cant disclose much info regarding my trainin schedule either. the military intelligence might already be eyeing my blog

( hey i sing national anthem everyday ok. hey wait, not everyday.)

and den u will see MP gordon barging into my house like jugglenaut and capture me with his brute strength. but of coz, no one knows i have jean grey's powers. ( opps, y is the lappy floating mid air?)

im having my leave now. from monday all the way to wednesday. although its only 3 days. but still, i seriously need it, giving the current pace in training.

anw i went swimmin this morning. not really swimming. but kinda diving. hey wait how do u dive when its only 1.8m deep. hah. ndu pool rocks.

my gum hurts ( so random...)

i got so many ppl i wanna go out with.

jc clique. ns clique. scout clique. family. gf.

how is 24hrs even enuff for me.

im so drained. both mentally and physically.

and im so out of touch with the outside world. ( is harrypotterandthechamberofsecrets still top box office?)

oh oh oh. i rmbed ( giving my lack of brain usage ever since i got enlisted)

i rmbed...

i watched sm4 yesterday ( yes yes, very serious stm)

'toshiba mitsubishi sony sushi kamakaze' = ' i've no idea how to translate this'

irony i know.

okok. im going to watch despo housewives now.

hey im not typical nsman alrite.



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