Sunday, September 10, 2006

and so the fateful day came
i met up with my close buddies( caier and co) for an enjoyable night at some decent pub. ( no, no PRCs im sorry to say)
been waiting for this night to come. and finally it came.

so we ordered mattel at 128bucks and drank to our hearts content.
4 of us divided the bill. which means 32 each. quite worth it la.
3 mixers - green tea, soda and coke.

not to mentioned the games we played. so lup sup! - finger guessing, hai-dai(ermm.. seaweed?) and some idiotic games which the loser has to get his palm slapped by the other 3.
the suay me got my hand hit like 4/5 games we played. how unlucky can i get. gosh.

its called Liquid. the name of the pub. quite nice la actually. except the horrible voice of the drunkards there. sibei cmi. we were literally shocked to death when the guy tried to hit some high notes when singin andy lau's songs. argh.

but lets dun generalize everyone there as 'kill-chicken' voice some gerls there can sing really well. yesh, gerls only. im shameful to say the adult guys there all chose extremely old-sch songs and sang it with ridiculously cmi accent and pitch.

and of coz, andy's ' all-of-yall-sing-like-shit, only-i-can sing-like-hongjunyang' attitude seriously needs some adjustment. both mentally and i believe, vocally too.

plus his frequent complaints abt going clubbin instead of pubbing. MOS MOS MOS... watever.

i have to admit dat our clique is one of the hardest to satisfy. u wouldnt imagine.
1) i dowan to club
2) peitang doesnt wan to club
3) andy wans to club
4) i dowan to drink beer
5) andy doesnt wan to go ktv lounge pub.
6) andy wans to go minah (malay ahlian) bar and dance alone at the dancefloor, yesh alone.
7) peitang doesnt like strong liquor
8) the rest like strong liquor
9) lightin must be juz nice. not too bright not too dark
10) dun reli favour pubs with lotsa malays
11) muz have long duration of Happy hours

fwah la! so many conditions to satisfy before we found ourself the perfect bar dat fulfilled 6/8 requirements, minus rule no.5 and 7

unimaginable. its like choosing a new president for taiwan. soon.

so if u wan me to grade the pub as compared to the rest of the pubs ive gone to. i would say 7/10.

took NR3 back home and reached at ard 4plus. den went to bathe, switched on my aircon and fell asleep almost immediately

juz feel so glad to hav gone out with them. haha.

mattel- 128bucks
NR3- 3bucks
burgerking dinner- 5.90bucks
catchin up with close buddies- priceless

theres some things money cant buy. for the rest, theres Mastercard.


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