Sunday, December 10, 2006

9th Dec

wanted to go Changi Airport with fee to walkard shopard lazeard. but we realised the weather was bloody hot and i cant move ard and sweat too much. so while hammering our own brains for any wacky ideas, nat asked us to manda's house for... hmm... for... i cant reli put it into words. lets say FUN.

reached manda's house in the late afternoon. watched Davinci Code with nat, fee, manda, han and manda's mom. after the show ended, han went back home to rest while manda's mom went back to her own room. so its left with 4 of us in the living room. so u muz be thinkin wat can 3 girls and 1 guy do late at night. and dat han is back home and manda's mom slping soundly. and not to forget manda's house has this big couch.

bingo. we had mass orgy.

*snap finger*

we played monopoly la. it was kinda boring at the start. but slowly, this family game started to evolve into a gruesome game of feminism. where the tigresses in all girls were waiting to pounce at and devour the only man. it was horrendous i tell u. u shd hav taken a look at their faces. all filled with anxiety and excitement to exterminate the only guy in the game.

but lucky for me, i was quite a good player. by saying good, i mean generous and easy-going. if not fee and manda would oredi hav forced to leave the game.

and while everyone was trying to save their own asses. neither did we know, the biggest and mightiest of all tigresses was actually hatchin a evil plan. to not only devour the only man, but to put the rest of the dying tigresses into her foodchain.


and this game of life and death actually lasted till 12midnight when the only man was sick and tired of carry on battling with the mammoth creature. while the souls of the dead tigresses did their part by speeding up the hunting.

this is sucha evil game. it shows the true nature of everyone. or shd i say, every girl. which is to, simply, release the feministic tigress hidden deep beneath their pure innocent minds.

crouchin tigress hidden maiden.

run guys run!


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