Tuesday, December 28, 2004

good day bad day

was happily watchin tv durin afternoon time at ard 2:30 pm when my sickenin sister called mi and 'ordered' mi to bring thinner down to greenridge mall for her. she works there.

wth. and when i asked her 'for wat?!'. she juz didnt ans my qn by replyin 'bring it down'.

??!! of cuz i know u wan mi to bring it down for u, if not, wat the hell u call mi for??

den i repeat my qn again, PROPERLY.

she replied again ' i need it'

??????!!!!! its either she freakin don understand wat im tryin to say, or she intentionally tryin to avoid my question, heaven knows.

den , i brought the thinner down to her. she didnt even say a bloody 'than q' when i passed the freakin thinner to her.

'orh' she said.

i didnt even bother to say a single bloodin thing to her. its ridiculous la.

calmed down lata. decided to study my econs lect notes again

but then that stupid pei tang called mi at ard 3 pm and 'ordered' mi AGAIN and accompany him for the zhenghua recruitment meetin lata.

but in this case, i didnt grumble much. haha

he said he will be all alone at bukit panjang plaza. coz he decided to went to plaza immediately after sch. but the meetin supposed to start at 4. but he predicted himself reachin at ard 330. so, he doesnt wan to be alone for this freakin 30mins.

i went.

met him at KFC.

and bloody hell, he was with javier and chee xiong happily eatin their freakin food.

oh, so wu the hell told mi that he doesnt wan to be all alone??

okae. den after cai er and hui xuan came. we started the meetin, juz in time.

brain-stormed for ideas. allocate manpower. all sorts.

den alvin and ai ling came.

den, that mama-boi javier and game-boi chee xiong went home. ungrateful brats, juz like the banglas.

we den moved on the the next topic, female ventures recrutiment meetin. my 'FAVVVVV' topic

alvin was the in-charge for this meetin.

fruitless one. blame wu?? wu else.

no offence. than q.

my mom juz told mi abt the tsunami incident. she said that my father doesnt allow mi to go for any overseas trips without their accompany next time.

dats so unfair. no one expected this tragic to happen. how could u 'banned' mi from going overseas with my frenz juz becoz of this. its so unreasonable.



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