Thursday, December 23, 2004


halo everyone!!! first of all, i juz wanna say dat the existence of this blog is purely, solely and exclusively due to my boredom. nth else. life's gettin bored day by day, as time flies. i was 'urged' by alice to create this blog, which i told her, will be veri beri boring. so, dont expect much from my poor command of english. haha.

x'mas cuming... going to catch Kung Fu Hustle with my buddies tomolo. hope we can get the tickets. argh. i juz cant stop sneezin. since this is my first entry. i wont say much. todae's my mom b'dae. im elated. bought fruit cake for her. i felt so bias. durin mothers' day and my mom's b'dae, mi and sis will oways but cakes for her. but none for my dad durin any special occasions. argh. am i neglectin my dad's feelin. haiz.

my hotmail juz couldnt work!! and im so frustrated abt this. i cant check my mails. grr.

im juz waitin for xmas to come. nth else. dats my onli entertainment for this week, other than the movie tmr. and i even havent touched my notes/bks at all!!! gosh, im scared im going to flunked next yr. thinkin of it, i agree with wat lynn says, it may be much better if i juz choose to retain, den i wont be so stressful now. hah. im purely tryin to ESCAPE.

i heard from lynn that ther's some changes to our class arrangement next yr. argh!! juz hope dat i wont be transfer out of a03. hopefully.

okae, nth much to say abt my past. maybe the deepest impression dat is still in my mind is the fox scout venture main committee meetin last sat, if u all juz happento wonder wth is dat, its kinda meetin for all the appointment holders to discuss some impt issues. and i swear, we had the most borin and 'dead' meetin last saturday. its juz hell. nth else. we 'debate' abt a single izzue for nearly an hour, and its juz gettin on my nerves. argh. im not going to speak more than im 'supposed' to. u know wat i mean. so dat the whole meetin will be smooth sailing. so ya. my dear ventures, im out of the game. haha.

i juz came back from phuket too. its in thailand btw. had LOTSA LOTSA fun there. did lotsa stuff. beach sports, 'dancin' etc. i oso happen to found out dat i've cravin for wines, vodka, tequila. yah. haha. u never know till u try it.

okae. dats all for todae. had fun 'editin' my entry?? haha. back tmr. bb.


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