Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry x'mas eve!!!!

merry x'mas eve everyone!!!!

juz finish 'readin' all the econs lect notes. heh. so pro hor. its RELI a miracle. haha. i think im going to start readin thru the econs tys sonner or later. dats the worst part. argh

till now, we still havent decided where to go for the celebration lata. alamak. they say they wanna go eat steamboat for dinner. yah, so? wat abt the rest? sleep?

i think i will be meetin them at fareast first. then we will decide wat to do next. they say they wanna torned... erm... i've not yet decided. havent asked my mom abt it. im fillial. lol.

going to change a new broadband plan i guess. its 512 one if im not wrong. pacific net one. now got promotion. ard 52 bucks ba.

dats all. enjoy ur christmas eve!!!


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