Friday, December 24, 2004

road nerd

okae. back. went to catch Kung Fu hustle. So funny. exaggeratin sia. got a 'lion roar' stance. lol. dats reli amusin. haha. den after the movie, mi and my buddies went for lan-gamin. haha. im a noob down there. know nuts. played starcraft with them. quite fun though. den went home afterwhich.

im actually a certified road-nerd. know nuts abt the buses available. dats y i oways stick with the more 'traditional' MRT. lol.

my hotmail is back!!! haha. finally. my frenz say its becoz of the server. wu knows.

tomolo is x'mas eve!!! yea!!! gonna hav lotsa fun. shd be going orchard i guess. enjoy the festive mood there. haha. hope u will hav lotsa fun too!!!


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