Friday, December 24, 2004

nitey nite

its past 12 now. nth to do. so juz blog lor. chattin with pei tang now, tokin abt wat to do for tomolo's x'mas eve celebration. he says his sch(ngee ann) got sell those festive spray cans. 3 for $5. i think i juz buy 3. shd be enuff i guess, coz he says those spray cans veri fast use finish one. wu cares... i juz wanna try...dats all.

im still tryin to 'perfect' my blog. haha. but dun reli know wat else to add. alamak.

still thinkin abt the Kung Fu Hustle. haha. amusin. u shd go catch it. its worth the money. yup.

waitin for my mama to come back. she bringin some nice nice food from johor. haha. its cheaper there i guess. my parents oways go there one. on weekly basis .

im suppose to read thru all the econs lect notez by todae. err.. i mean yest. err... 23rd dec la. but sad to say, i procrastinate. end up juz flippin the bloody file. ARGH!!! this shdnt be happenin. then tomolo whole day outside, oso cannot study. shit la. sch is going start soon. haiz. wat shd i do....


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