Monday, December 27, 2004

bye bye santa. c u nxt yr.

i was wonderin how shd i start off with... ...

christmas over... santa's not givin a single blessin anymore

i was watchin the news juz now

first thing i saw and heard was the report abt the earthquake in sumatra if im not wrong...

secondly, it was the havoc that the earthquake caused in phuket, thai.

and my father rushed into my room and tell mi to watch the news, which obviously , i am

if u all noticed and read my first entry, u shd know dat i've been to phuket juz abt one mth ago...

its not dat im over-sensitive or wat... mother nature can sometimes be beautiful or ugly...

in this case, extremely ugly.

frankly speakin, the locals in phuket r the most friendiest and hospitable ppl i ever met.

esp those wu helped us with the beach sports... we had lotsa fun together : friendly beach soccer, etc.

so... when i heard the drastic damage that mother nature creates... i felt 'cold'. 'cold' in my heart.

haiz... shd be able to get over this soon enuff.

gettin late now. tmr will be another borin day i guess.

mi, myself and no one else.

nite time is oways reflectin time. for mi.


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