Sunday, December 26, 2004

x'mas eve at orchard

*yawn* juz woke up. it oredi 4+ now. spend the whole nite yest at esplanade torn-ing. had lotsa fun at orchard. we bought those snow spray cans, in fact, almost everyone there was armed with it.

at abt 9++, ppl were oredi sprayin at each other... i bought a total of 9 cans... usually, the target were all those innocent-looking gals. we juz spray at them, and then act innocent afterwards, so dat they wont spray back.

the cars beside oso kena. ppl juz spray at thier window screen. lol. includin us. lol

there was oso a lot of banglas there. dunno y. my fren said they will use this period of time to molest gals. coz its reli veri crowed there. so u never know wat will happen.

but frankly speakin, i reli pity the cleaners down at orchard, coz ppl juz throw the spray cans on the floor after usin. and there is soooo many ppl there. u can actually imagin how many cans r there on the floor. horrible. then there was oso police tryin to catch those wu litter. but then , i think oso not dat efficient la. there is stilll a loTTTTTTTTTTTT on the floor.

den juz before 12, when the count-down starts, ppl were sprayin ferociously at one another. u spray mi, i spray u back. then if they came as a grp, then u suai, coz the whole grp will spray at u... and u will reli look like a sonw-man after dat.

i know at ard 8++... when we were reli SQUEEZIn in the crowd... there was one gal grabbin my shirt from behind. and then holdin on to my shoulders. At first i tot is pei tang, coz the posture veri 'gay'. but then i heard a gal's voice... and when her frenz asked her wu she's holdin on to, she juz replied ' i oso dunno leh'... then she went screamin and im rite in front of her can u imagine it? its like a sound-blaster rite beside u. argh. then sometimes when i accidentally stepped on her toes. then she will start whinin and complainin : ' the person in front of mi keep steppin on mi'... izzit my fault??!! then pei tang finds the whole scenerio of mi and that anonymous veri veri amusin. hah.

we torned till 4++ in the morin... then wait for bus for a total of 4 hrs... its reli horrible. i don wish to say more. juz horrible.


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