Monday, December 27, 2004

paint paint paint

spent the whole afternoon paintin the walls... those banglas wu r supposed to turn up and paint the walls in my house 'pontent'. dats y mi, my sis and my papa hav to paint the walls all by ourself. shitty banglas, they came to paint the first half on last sunday and left the second half to us... shdnt had bought lunch for them last sunday... ungrateful brats. lol.

im waitin for the paint in the bathrm to dry. so dat i'll be able to bathe. few strands of my hair oso kena paint... alamak.

was thinkin of going out todae with my pals. for lan-gaming or catch a movie. andy approached mi and asked, but then i dunno whether i can make it or not coz i still need to help my parents to paint the stupid walls. end up, didnt go.

haiz... i reli wan to go out and play todae one... haiz

i wan to go out and hav lotsa fun next week be4 new year!!!!


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