Wednesday, March 23, 2005

yoyoz. long time no blog liao.
my close frenz shd know y im bloggin
becoz IM WAITIN FOR MY 3Fs TO COME!!!!!!

i was so fedup wif myself durin the econs essay paper
everybody was rushin for time, its oways been like this
and i was sittin and staring at the paper for more than 45 mins thinkin of wat to write
no doubt, i cursed and swore durin dat 45 mins and of cuz, myself, for not studyin hard enuff
i was SO BLOODY ANGRY wif myself i feel like cryin...
i have to admit dat this is the first time i felt so helpless durin this type of impt tests.
im juz sat down there and stared at the bloody paper for so long, can u even believe it?!
i even hav the time to glance ard, and wat i saw made mi felt even worse.
eveybody's seems to be rushin and scribbling, they don even stop and think.

den i looked at my ans sheets.
almost the whole of section B which worth 50/70 of the whole paper is blank
there wasnt anythin i could do
coz its my fault not to study
its not dat i dint study, i did
but im not study smart.
and u can asked my frenz, how i grumbled and complained after the test
i juz never experience been defeated so drastically before.

and todae, i had my math tests
and i din even manage to complete a full question at all
all the qns were half-done.
some din even do
and lookin thru my math ans.

i more or less hav comfirmed
my 3Fs r waitin for mi.


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