Wednesday, January 12, 2005

im juz wonderin how shd i start off with.

im oways complainin and 'whining' abt the sch timetable 2005.

coz i oways ended up going home late, when there's so many empty timeslots in between my lessons.

but so wat. im juz an insignificant figure.

was registerin for the NS thingy juz now when i came across a question of whether r u takin Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

i juz dazed there and click no, for everythin.

they r onli lookin for ppl takin these few subjects i guess.

that makes mi even more insignificant. haha.

sometimes i wonder y do i hav to continue studyin when my compulsory education is oredi over.

haiz. it reli bugs mi to havin wake up early and cope wth the hwks and tests.

bo bian. im a singaporean.

i didnt hav any anticipation for any stuffs.

perhaps except the venture meetin.

the rest, dead.

im not lookin forward to anythin coming. ( again, except hangin out with my venture buddies)

im juz like a livin robot. eat, sleep, no play.

plus the stress from hwks and tests.


maybe i shd be more optimistic, which im tryin to....

but in vain

i've no motivation to do any sch work at all.

im fallin apart.


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