Thursday, December 30, 2004


my mom is sick. she's runnin a fever. lyin on the bed now.

i juz brought some medicine to her.

den, my dad came back. i told him mommy's sick.

he den went into the room....

and heaven knows

he starts shoutin and bangin on the cupboards and the drawers, until i came in with the medicine for my mom.

my mom's looks lethargic and terribly pale.

and yet, he's doing all these.

maybe he's throwin temper or somethin.

but even so, my mom's oredi sick and tired.

cant he juz understand??

even if my mom did somethin wrong or wat

this shdnt be the time ventin anger on her. she's so tired, she cant even speak properly.

and now, i still can hear him doing things, in a 'loud' manner.

slammin the door. bangin on the table. deliberatly.

wat can i possibly say??

i reli 'sympathize' my mom.

she's shdnt derserves this treatment.

she works hard. holds two jobs . mornin and night.

for wu??

no herself obviously.

todae is actually her 'leave'. from her job at night.

and with the terrible headache and faver, she continues to wash our clothes and cook.

i offered my help. but she oways reject it.

maybe she scared im more than a 'destroyer' than a helper.

i dont know.

seein her so worn out and 'overfatigue', almost every single day. 24/7

i reli dunno wat to say.


she reli sacrifice a lot for us. a lot a lot.

i cant possibly ask for more.


maybe i oso neglected abt my dad's effort in bringin us up.

but seein at wat happened juz now.

totally speechless.

nite time. reflectin time.


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