Monday, January 03, 2005

'first day' to sch

okae. woke up at 620am. cold like hell.

bathe, wash-up... blah blah. chillin.

on the way to sch. didnt reli c many 3-mth course students on that stretch of road i mentioned yesterday.

onli when i reached. i could c a few bunch of them.

den there's a false alarm. i tot im seperated from my class.

den found out, i saw the GP list for class. not CT.

phew. got quite a scare.

next. shitty timetable

this is the worst timetable ever.

i got so many breaks in between my next lesson. esp be4 chinese.

den i will hav to spend ard 2 hrs in the sch library waitin for my last period, chinese.

so, we were sayin whether can ask our teacher to push up the chinese timeslot..

so dat we can finish lessons early and leave early..

no point stayin in the library for so long.

i rather stay at home and sleep u c.

wat can i say. haiz.

our chinese teacher asked us whether the thought of seriously givin up studying or the stupid thought of committin suicide ever came across our mind.

everybody seems to be so 'angelic'

they dont feel dat way ever be4.

but i think the idea of givin up studyin up reli came across my mind be4.

when i saw so many ppl wu actually studied , but still flunk thier 'A's.

and for mi, a GP pass seems to be a lil farfetched.

so, wats the point of studyin so hard for other subjects when i oredi know i sure die for my GP.


wats the point, seriously.

im lost. guide me.



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