Saturday, September 29, 2007

updates on my mp4. the same prob happened soon again few days back and i decided to send it for cremation. went all the way to p.s. and handled this nasty thing to the undertaker. she tried to revive it but to no avail. so ta-da its now on its way back to the factory to get a proper funeral.

met des up for dinner and catching up. of coz not forgetting the main reason for the meetup. afterwhich i went back to bpp starbucks to meet the lsg+4bbs and msyeo. had a great catchup with pt and jav abt their life in bmtc. while i can start counting down the torturous days left in camp myself. argh.

met up with nat fee and manda few days back as well to celebrate my super belated bdae. was v glad they all could make it whilst all the super hectic muggin schedule. went to this jap steamboat place at sunset way. and nat was high on... i dunno. mushrooms?

just cam back from movie. need to start preparing to meet up da gang for ce's bdae at jp. ok cya guys!


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